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In 1906, Stewardship was created by a small group of Christians uniting to release generous gifts and financial support to Christian ministries in the UK and overseas.

Among their number were professionals and philanthropists, chemists and church planters, factory workers and evangelists, with each giving as they were able.

Today, we help over 30,000 people live out their calling to be generous stewards by supporting over 4,200 churches, 2,300 Christian workers and 6,000 charities.

Our methods have changed, but our mission remains the same.

Giving at thrive..

Thrive Church UK use Stewardship to help manage the processing of funds into the account. 

If you would like to give to Thrive Church then please feel free to follow our giving link below.

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Who we help

At Thrive Church we want to be generous to other Charities that share our values. We have set up an easy way to give to our chosen charities or projects. Please click on the Charity you would like to support.

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