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Senior leadership team.

At Thrive, we believe that leadership is not a solitary task, but rather a collaborative effort. We have various teams who have responsibility for overseeing different areas of Thrive and bring support to our community. 

Gavin Scott

Hannah Scott

Julie Sisley

Jeremy Sisley

Trusted Advisors

Liz Taylor

Eric Skates

Ministry leadership team.

Jason Healy - Worship 

Eric Skates - Teaching 

Sarah Healy & Christine Raw - Pastoral 

Marc, Jayne Harder & Lois Davis - Connect Group 

Jo Rimmer - Social justice and environment.  

Chris Davis - Youth & Children.

Colin Mann & Phil Raw - Prophetic

Staff Team.

Thrive Church has a dedicated staff team consisting who work tirelessly to support the church's mission of spreading the love and teachings of Jesus. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles and collaborate closely to ensure the smooth running of the church's various programs and initiatives. Whether it's organising events, providing pastoral care, or overseeing day-to-day operations and to help fulfill the church's vision. Their commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do and they serve as role models for all those around them.​

Gavin Scott - Senior Leader

Jeremy Sisley - Administration 

Chris Davis - Youth Leader 

Martin Lloyd - Volunteer Administrator 

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